Most unnecessary games of 2021

So meta it hurts award

Worst new idea of the year

Email's new super solution.

Getting to inbox zero sucks. Not anymore — we fixed it.
Our fresh approach transforms email into a game.

It's like Hey and Superhuman had a (super) baby.

How it works plays 🕹

Get a sneak peek of our Tetris prototype.
You've never cleared your messages like this before.

People really level up with our games

Here's what our (super) early users have been saying:

"It's like Grand Theft Auto for email."

"Wow! I've always wanted to clear away my notifications like this and just focus! Gmail, don't kill my vibe!"

"This is the email solution Gen Z has been waiting for!!"

Two flavors, two prices

Super Textris


Don't let all those notifications pile up! Featuring Gmail, Tik Tok, Twitter and more!

Super Hey Man


Avoid the distractions and clear all the emails to get to the next level!

Make your inbox super before anyone else

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Level up your merch game!

SuperHEYMan meet Tetris.
We call it Textris.

Kick back and have fun!

Earn points AND reach inbox 0 at the same time.

It's the best way to get "work" done and become the productivity superhero you were destined to be!

Still going through your inbox with mouse clicks? Ok, Boomer.

Turn every inbox experience into an in-game experience.